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The tyres fitted to your vehicle are the only point of contact with the road. Think about this the next time you plan a journey in your car, can you confidently say your tyres are in perfect working order, in good condition, and inflated to the right pressure?  

As a specialist tyre fitting centre in Hedge End, Southampton, Tyreshops are the experts at replacing worn tyres. We have a huge choice of premium brand or budget tyres available to suit your personal requirements and always take tyre safety seriously.

Stay safe, have worn tyres replaced today and call 01489 787350

Tyre Maintenance - Tips and Tricks

You can protect yourself, your passengers and other road users by checking your car tyres regularly and by following this useful safety advice.


Inflating Tyres

Never drive your car if it has an underinflated tyre. The build-up of heat could result in the tyre destroying itself, causing a blowout. Check your tyres when they are cold at least a once a week using an accurate tyre gauge. You can find the right inflation pressure in your vehicle owner’s manual or simply ask your local tyre supplier. If the tyres are different from the original supplied, ask your tyre retailer for the revised air pressure recommendation guide.   

Fail to maintain the correct tyre pressure and vehicle handling can be severely affected, with rapid or irregular tyre wear.  Weekly checks on car tyres are important and you should also examine your tyres if you are planning a long distance trip for peace of mind. Always inflate the tyres to the recommended air pressure and if any of your tyres has lost more than four pounds of pressure in a week, look for signs of damage and penetration on the tyre that could be causing the air loss.  

Under no circumstances exceed the maximum inflation pressure for the tyre and never bleed air from warm tyres as this can lead to problems due to under-inflation.


Visually Inspecting Tyres

We recommend you inspect your tyres for signs of damage every single day looking for bulges, cracks, cuts or splits caused by potholes, kerbing or contact with foreign objects. Damage to tyres can result in rapid air loss and it might lead to the total failure of the tyre.  

If you spot any signs of damage on the wall or edge of the tyre, replace this with the spare and visit your regular tyre fitting centre for advice and to have the tyre replaced. Only specially trained tyre fitters should mount the new tyre for safety reasons.  



Storage and General Advice about Tyres

Tyres need to be stored correctly to prevent damage, a reduction in durability or the sudden failure of tyres.  They should always be kept indoors inside a cool, clean and dry environment. New tyres contain emollients and waxes that protect them from weather cracking and the ozone. If left outdoors, they surface area can become dry and start to crack, plus the casing is susceptible to flat spotting.  At Tyreshops, we always store our tyres with safety in mind, ensuring they are free from grease, fuel and any substance that might cause the rubber to deteriorate.   

Under no circumstances overload your tyres. This can have serious consequences resulting in tyre failure and the real possibility of an accident.  

You will find the maximum load rating marked on the sidewall of the tyre with the figure based on the maximum speed of operation.  Tyres that are overloaded generate excessive heat and this can lead to sudden tyre failure.

If you need additional tyre safety advice, want to have your tyres checked or need them replacing, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Tyreshops. You can contact us today for a FREE quote or call 01489 787350 for a friendly chat about your requirements.


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